Earn the Right to Work in the United States

Woman working online on a laptop computer at homeAmerica has long been considered the land of opportunity, giving immigrants access to jobs they may not be able to find at home. Most immigrants who are able to take advantage of immigration employment in the United States include those with exceptional abilities, advanced degrees or specialized skills. However, obtaining an employment visa is necessary for employment for immigrants in the United States. At JJ Moore & Associates, our immigration lawyers can help you file for a temporary or permanent work visa, granting you legal right to work in the country.

Sponsorship by an Employer

A company in the United States may look for employees from other countries with a history of strong performance in their industry. Because of this, employers play a vital role in the process of bringing workers from other countries. They can then become sponsors of employment for immigrants; however, the company and individuals still need an immigration attorney to help them through the process.

Because companies often need assistance with this process, our immigration lawyers in Nashville are standing by. Once a business reaches the hiring decision, we can assist in filling out paperwork and filing for the sponsorship, for a smooth transition. We can also work directly with your employer to put together the documentation you need to submit to the State Department.

Types of Visas Available

  • H1B Visas for individuals coming to the US to work for a US company at a professional level.
  • L1 Visas for transfer of an existing employee to the US from a related foreign company
  • E Visas for employees of Treaty Investor or Treaty Trader companies
  • J Visas for bringing exchange visitors to the US to learn skills that will be used in their own country.
  • Other Immigration Employment Visas

If you need the assistance of an immigration attorney in Nashville to obtain an immigration employment visa, contact us. We have the experience you need to file your petition and obtain approval.